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"Your Baby’s Brain, Intellect, and You" By S.H. Jacob, Ph.D.

Intellectual growth is nearly completed before a child enters school!

“Your Baby’s Brain, Intellect, and You” covers the importance of the first two years, how activities are the building block of intelligence and knowledge, and the importance of parents and caregivers in the developmental process.

The book is an easy-to-read book that provides new parents with practical knowledge, tips, and stage-appropriate activities that are designed to promote critical thinking in the crucial first two years. The emphasis is on the development of scientific knowledge and logico-mathematical know-how.

Based on the celebrated work of Jean Piaget, under whom the author, S. H. Jacob, worked, the book offers insights into Piaget’s theory as a framework for understanding cognitive development.

The centerpiece of the book is a cognitive development program for the well-known six stages of cognition in the first two years, with full descriptions of what a baby is trying to grasp at each of the stages. With over 200 illustrated play activities that match a child’s capabilities, this book helps parents maximize this period of explosive growth so that their baby has every opportunity to develop the thinking skills that are crucial in today’s and tomorrow’s world—curiosity, imagination, learning, memory, understanding, problem-solving, discovery, and invention.

There is no more critical time in human intellectual development!


Reader's Comments

“This book is a must read for new parents or caregivers to young children. As a mother of 2, I was able to apply the activities to our daily lives. My children love the activities and they truly enjoy themselves. This book is a fast and easy read for busy parents. This book is full of helpful knowledge to understand our babies’ brains. I feel so good knowing I have the tools for my children to become inventive thinkers!”
Marie F
“I have been reading your book and enjoying it immensely. It is so amazing how much a baby’s brain grows in the first two years. Teddy will truly enjoy the many activities you have illustrated in your book and we will learn from the app too. As you say so well in your book, we want to nurture Teddy’s critical thinking through stage-appropriate play. Thank you!”
Betty J